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The Philippines suspends visa issuance due to COVID pandemic

The Department of foreign affairs (DFA) ordered all Foreign Service Posts abroad to temporarily suspend visa issuance due to the COVID pandemic. It also suspended all Visa-Free privileges (including those pursuant to visa waiver agreements, those under E.O. No. 408 s. 1960, holders of Hong Kong SAR passports, Macau SAR passports, Macau-Portuguese passports, and British National Overseas passports) of foreigners entering the Philippines.

Foreign spouses and children of Filipino nationals are exempted from the temporary suspension. All previously issued visas are deemed cancelled except those issued to (1) Foreign government and International Organization officials accredited to the Philippines; and (2) Foreign spouses and children of Filipino nationals.

The DFA may exempt other foreign nationals on a case-to-case basis.

(Foreign Service Circular No. 29-2020, March 19, 2020)

Note that this issuance does not cover visas issued by, or in connection with, the Bureau of Immigration. Foreigners in the Philippines may apply for visa extension as needed while they are in the country.