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Online Registration for One Person Corporations (OPC) and Corporations with 2 to 4 Incorporators

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) set up an interim online registration system for applications for registration of One Person Corporations (OPC) and corporations with 2 to 4 incorporators. This online registration system allows an applicant or his authorized representative to reserve the corporate name and the trade name, if any, and other data required to complete the corporate profile.

Prior to this online registration system, applications for registration of OPC and corporations with 2 to 4 incorporators had to be processed by direct application with the SEC. But due to the lockdown and quarantine, this measure was instituted on April 8, 2020.

As part of the basic requirements, the applicant should provide a valid and existing email account where the status of the application shall be sent. Once the application form is successfully submitted, the Company Registration and Monitoring Department shall review it within 3 working days from submission, and send feedback on the status. The status will be tagged as either APPROVED or DISAPPROVED.

Payment of registration fees, submissions of signed and notarized hardcopies of registration documents, and release of the Certificate of Registration would be done once quarantine is lifted.

As of June 2020, application for OPC and is still being filed through online means.

The online registration system does not generate any registration documents (unlike the regular CRS application for applications with 5 or more incorporators). The applicant must prepare the applications manually, and have the documents signed and notarized. These forms may be submitted to the SEC Main Office or any Extension or Satellite Offices.

Interested applicants may visit the online application at the following address:


The SEC User Guide for the interim system may be downloaded at this address:


For further inquiries and assistance, questions may be directed to

crmd_registration_opc@sec.gov.ph or crmd_registration_234@sec.gov.ph Those registering corporations with 5 or more Incorporators should use the SEC CRS system.